Complimentary Products

Bergland produces complimentary products for the green industry, municipalities and general public which includes compost, lawn dressing and topsoil (in bulk, or small orders). Bergland produces special soil mixtures to meet specific requirements such as drainage, moisture retention and consistency. Why not discuss your specialised requirements with us? Bergland is sure to have a solution. (Examples are Turfontein racetrack, Dobsonville stadium soil base, Orlando stadium soil base, Krugersdorp Golf Course special tee-box mixture, etc.)


Bergland supplies well matured, weed free compost in 3m, 6m, 10m, 20m and 22m loads.

Topsoil and Lawndressing

Lawn dressing is topsoil mixed with compost (80% topsoil and 20% compost). We deliver in 3m, 6m, 10m, 20m and 22m loads.


Bergland supplies a wide range of fertilisers for a host of applications in either liquid (application with specialised equipment) or granular form to fertilise existing lawns, or new grass cultivation. Bergland will acquire soil samples for analysis at a laboratory, assess your needs and make recommendations based on the laboratorys recommendation, providing a fertilisation program ensuring long term sustainability of your lawn, trees and other plants.

Our preffered suppliers for fertilizers are Bloemhof Distributors (

Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides

Bergland will apply fertilizers and spray pesticides, fungicides and herbicides on your behalf. Please contact our licensed supplier Bloemhof Distributors at directly for all your pesticide, fungicide and herbicide supply requirements.