Bergland has been involved either physically or as an advisor on the following projects:
  • Sun City & Lost City golf course
  • Legends Golf and Safari
  • Krugersdorp golf course
  • Vaal de Grace golf course
  • Confederations cup 2009
  • 2010 Soccer world cup
  • All Africa Sports tournament
  • Rural sport facility planning, design and implementation together with the Cricket Board
  • Rural sports ground planning, design and implementation for the City of Johannesburg
Bergland has won numerous awards for excellence in horticulture and business in my regional categories as well as business awards nationally and internationally.
  • 2002 Best quality Protea flower and worldwide first prize for best exhibition at the European Horti-Fair
  • 2006 Gardenex Gold award Safari sunset
  • 2006 Gardenex Silver award Asparagus Virgata
  • 2006 Gardenex Silver award Rhumora Adiantiformus
  • 2006 Gardenex Bronze award - Aspidistra
  • 2006 Gardenex Bronze award Salix Torturosa
  • 2006 Gardenex Bronze award Tinus Viburnum
  • 2006 Gardenex Bronze award Simensis Viburnum
  • 2006 Gardenex Bronze award Compacta X Susannae